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Variation of Nutrients due to Long-Term Effects of Ocean Dumping and Spatial Variability of Water Quality Parameters in Summer at the Ocean Waste Disposal Site Off the West Coast of Korea
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 Title & Authors
Variation of Nutrients due to Long-Term Effects of Ocean Dumping and Spatial Variability of Water Quality Parameters in Summer at the Ocean Waste Disposal Site Off the West Coast of Korea
Koh, Hyuk Joon; Choi, Young Chan; Park, Sung Eun; Cha, Hyung Kee; Chang, Dae Soo; Yoon, Han Sam; Lee, Chung Il;
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This paper focuses on the impacts of waste dumping on inorganic nutrients in the dumping area of the Yellow Sea, and the effect of an governmental regulation of pollution in dumping areas. The environmental variables and parameters of the dumping and reference areas in the Yellow Sea were measured during July 2009 and analyzed. In addition, the analyzed data for inorganic nutrients over the last 10 years were obtained from the Korea Coast Guard (KCG) and the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI). The chemical environment of the study area revealed increases in concentrations of inorganic nutrients, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and Volatile Suspended Solids (VSS) in the bottom layer. On the contrary, the pH level was decreased. Most notably, the time series data of inorganic nutrients showed gradual increase over time in the dumping area, and thus, the oligotrophic waters trend toward eutrophic waters. The increases appears to be due to the disposal of large amounts of organic waste. In recent times, the wastes disposed at the area were largely comprised of livestock wastewater, and food processing waste water. The liquefied waste, which contains an abundance of nutrients, causes a sharp increase in concentrations of inorganic nitrogen in the dumping area. On the one hand, the dumping sites have been deteriorated to such an extent that pollution has become a social problem. Consequentially, the government had a regulatory policy for improvement of marine environmental since 2007 in the dumping area. Hence, the quality of marine water in the dumping site has improved.
Nutrients;Regulatory policy;Dumping area;Yellow Sea;
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