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Detection Characteristics of Blood Lipid Lower Agents (BLLAs) in Nakdong River Basin
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 Title & Authors
Detection Characteristics of Blood Lipid Lower Agents (BLLAs) in Nakdong River Basin
Son, Hee-Jong; Seo, Chang-Dong; Yeom, Hoon-Sik; Song, Mi-Jung; Kim, Kyung-A;
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The aims of this study were to investigate and confirm the occurrence and distribution patterns of blood lipid lower agents (BLLAs) in Nakdong river basin (mainstream and its tributaries). 4 (atorvastatin, lovastatin, mevastatin and simvastatin) out of 5 statins and 2 (clofibric acid and zemfibrozil) out of 3 fibrates were detected in 29 sampling sites and simvastatin (>50%) was predominant compound followed by atorvastatin, lovastatin and clofibric acid. The total concentration levels of BLLAs on April, August and November 2009 in surface water samples ranged from ND~25.7 ng/L, ND~18.8 and ND to 38.8 ng/L, respectively. The highest concentration level of BLLAs in the mainstream and tributaries in Nakdong river were Goryeong and Jincheon-cheon, respectively. The sewage treatment plants (STPs) along the river affect the BLLAs levels in river and the BLLAs levels decreased with downstream because of dilution effects.
Blood lipid lower agents;Statin class;Fibrate class;Main stream;Tributary;Nakdong river basin;
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낙동강 지류·지천 모니터링 결과를 이용한 수질환경 평가,임태효;손영규;

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