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Seasonal Change of RNA/DNA Ratio and Blood Characteristics of Black Sea Bream Acanthopagrus schlegeli Habituated in Geojae Costal Area, Kyungnam Province, Korea
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 Title & Authors
Seasonal Change of RNA/DNA Ratio and Blood Characteristics of Black Sea Bream Acanthopagrus schlegeli Habituated in Geojae Costal Area, Kyungnam Province, Korea
Kim, Su-Kyoung; Shim, Na-Young; Lee, Do-Hyun; Kim, Dae Hyun; Yoon, Seong-Jong;
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The monthly variations of blood characteristics and RNA/DNA of black sea bream, Acanthopagrus schlegeli, habituated in Geojae costal area were analysed to determine health condition of natural stocks in terms of gonad maturation and spawning season from March 2010 to February 2011. Spawning season determinated by gonadosomatic index is from June to August. RNA/DNA ratio of black sea bream muscle was strongly correlated with spawning season. During the gonad maturation RNA/DNA ratio in dorsal muscle tissue was decreased contrast to rapid increase during spawning season. Blood composition factors increased in terms of gonad maturation are aspartate aminotransferase, cholesterol, triglyceride, total protein, glucose, globulin, alkaline phosphatase and inorganic phosphate. Other blood factors increased during spawning season are alanine aminotransferase, blood urea nitrogen, uric acid and lactate dehydrogenase.
Acanthopagrus schlegeli;RNA/DNA;Blood chemistry;GSI;HSI;
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40, 50대 비혼 여성의 자유로운 비혼의 삶, 불안한 노후, 그리고 정책으로부터의 소외,성미애;

한국가족관계학회지, 2014. vol.19. 2, pp.145-168
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