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Fish Passage Evaluations in the Fishway Constructed on Seungchon Weir
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 Title & Authors
Fish Passage Evaluations in the Fishway Constructed on Seungchon Weir
Choi, Ji-Woong; Park, Chan-Seo; Lim, Byung Jin; Park, Jong-Hwan; An, Kwang-Guk;
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The objective of this study was to evaluate fish passage efficiency, based on fish-trap monitoring methodology, in the fishway of Seungchon Weir, which was constructed on the lower region of Yeongsan River in 2011. Seasonal patterns and diel variations of fish movements, fish fauna, and compositions in the fishway were analyzed in relation to the current velocity and location of the trap-setting in the fishway. For the analysis, we conducted seven times surveys in 2012 on the fishway and also conducted intensive monitoring of the fishway as 3 hrs interval for the diel variations of fish fauna and compositions in the fishway. According to the fish-trap monitoring methodology, the total number of fish species was 13 species, which was a 43.3% of the total. Most dominant fish used the fishway was Squalidus chankaensis tsuchigae and the relative abundance of the species used the fishway was 33.5% of the total. The season and time zone (in diel variation) observed most frequently in the fishway were July and 18:00-21:00 PM, respectively. The fish movements and use-rates of fishway varied depending on the locations of trap-setting; Fish biomass and the number of species were statistically (p < 0.05) greater in the most right or left-sided traps than in the mid-traps. Also, fish movements and use-rates of fishway were influenced by current velocity on the fishway; fish in the fishway preferred the low current velocity (mean 0.71 m/sec) than the high current velocity (mean 1.13 m/sec). Further long-term studies should be monitored for the efficiency evaluations of the fishway.
Fishway;Trap sampling;Seungchon weir;Fish passage;Fish movement;
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