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Transfer Functional Modeling Using Soil Moisture Measurements at a Steep Forest Hillslope
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 Title & Authors
Transfer Functional Modeling Using Soil Moisture Measurements at a Steep Forest Hillslope
Kim, Sang-Hyun;
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In this paper, time series of soil moisture were measured for a steep forest hillslope to model and understand distinct hydrological behaviours along two different transects. The transfer function analysis was presented to characterize temporal response patterns of soil moisture for rainfall events. The rainfall is a main driver of soil moisture variation, and its stochastic characteristic was properly treated prior to the transfer function delineation between rainfall and soil moisture measurements. Using field measurements for two transects during the rainy season in 2007 obtained from the Bumrunsa hillslope located in the Sulmachun watershed, a systematic transfer functional modeling was performed to configure the relationships between rainfall and soil moisture responses. The analysis indicated the spatial variation pattern of hillslope hydrological processes, which can be explained by the relative contribution of vertical, lateral and return flows and the impact of transect topography.
Soil moisture measurement;Time domain reflectometry;Transfer functional analysis;Hydrological processes;
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전이함수모형에 의한 여수연안 표면수온 예측,성기탁;최양호;구준호;이미진;

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