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Runoff Characteristics of Non-point Pollutants Source in Suwon City
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 Title & Authors
Runoff Characteristics of Non-point Pollutants Source in Suwon City
Chi, Hong-Jin; Lee, Sang-Eun; Lee, Jae-Dong;
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This study was to investigate the runoff characteristics of non-point pollutants source at the urban area in Suwon city. The highest T-N and T-P concentration of rainfall runoff observed in agricultural area. In residential area, the highest and SS concentration of rainfall runoff was investigated. During rainfall events, the peak concentrations of SS and were observed after 1~2 hours of rainfall in urban area. Whereas, the peak concentrations occurred within 1~2 hours after rainfall and then the highest concentrations of SS and sharply decreased, showing strong first flush effect in urban area. The EMC results indicated that the highest value of T-N and T-P in agricultural area was observed. While residential area was shown the lowest EMC value as T-N and T-P. Non-point pollutant loads on the land use types in urban area were investigated in the order of residential>industrial>agricultural>highway. and SS loads on urban watershed were investigated in the order of Suwon>Hwangguji>Seoho>Wonchunri. Whereas, T-N and T-P loads on urban watershed were investigated in the order of Hwangguji>Suwon>Wonchunri>Seho.
Non-point pollutants source;EMC;First flush effect;Land use types;Loads;
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