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Chlorophyll a Fluorescence Response to Mercury Stress in the Freshwater Microalga Chlorella Vulgaris
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 Title & Authors
Chlorophyll a Fluorescence Response to Mercury Stress in the Freshwater Microalga Chlorella Vulgaris
Oh, Soonja; Koh, Seok Chan;
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The response of the freshwater microalga Chlorella vulgaris to mercuric ion () stress was examined using chlorophyll a fluorescence image analysis and O-J-I-P analysis as a way to monitor the toxic effects of mercury on water ecosystems. The levels of photosynthetic pigments, such as chlorophyll a and b and carotenoids, decreased with increasing concentration. The maximum photochemical efficiency of photosystem II(Fv/Fm) changed remarkably with increasing concentration and treatment time. In particular, above , considerable mercury toxicity was seen within 2 h. The chlorophyll a fluorescence transient O-J-I-P was also remarkably affected by ; the fluorescence emission decreased considerably in steps J, I, and P with an increase in concentration when treated for 4 h. Subsequently, the JIP-test parameters (Fm, Fv/Fo, RC/CS, TRo/CS, ETo/CS, , and ) decreased with increasing concentration, while N, Sm, ABS/RC, DIo/RC and DIo/CS increased. Therefore, a useful biomarker for investigating mercury stress in water ecosystems, and the parameters Fm, , , and RC/CS can be used to monitor the environmental stress in water ecosystems quantitatively.
Chlorella vulgaris;Chlorophyll a fluorescence image;Fv/Fm;Mercury stress;O-J-I-P transients;
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고온 스트레스에 대한 배추의 생장과 광합성 및 엽록소형광 반응,오순자;문경환;손인창;송은영;문영일;고석찬;

원예과학기술지, 2014. vol.32. 3, pp.318-329 crossref(new window)
엽록소형광분석을 이용한 담수산 클로렐라(Chlorella vulgaris)에 미치는 중금속의 영향 평가,오순자;고석찬;

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