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Microwave Thermal Decomposition of CF4 using SiC-Al2O3
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 Title & Authors
Microwave Thermal Decomposition of CF4 using SiC-Al2O3
Choi, Sung-Woo;
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Tetrafluoromethane() have been widely used as etching and chemical vapor deposition gases for semiconductor manufacturing processes. decomposition efficiency using microwave system was carried out as a function of the microwave power, the reaction temperature, and the quantity of addition. High reaction temperature and addition of increased the removal efficiencies and the ratio. When the SA30 (SiC+30wt%) and SA50 (SiC+50wt%) were used, complete removal was achieved at . The was reacted with and by-products such as and were produced. Significant amount of by-product such as was identified by X-ray powder diffraction analysis. It also showed that the was transformed to after microwave thermal reaction.
;Microwave;;Catalyst oxidation;
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