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Analysis on Meteorological Factors related to the Distribution of PM10 Concentration in Busan
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 Title & Authors
Analysis on Meteorological Factors related to the Distribution of PM10 Concentration in Busan
Kim, Min-Kyoung; Jung, Woo-Sik; Lee, Hwa Woon; Do, Woo-Gon; Cho, Jung-Gu; Lee, Kwi-Ok;
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concentration is related to the meteorological variables including to local and synoptic meteorology. In this study the concentrations of Busan in 2007~2011 were analyzed and the days of yellow sand or rainfall which is more than 5 mm were excluded. The sections of concentration were divided according to 10-quantiles, quartiles and 90-quantiles. The 90-quantiles of daily concentration were selected as high concentration dates. In the high concentration dates the daily mean averaged cloudness, mean daily surface wind speed, daily mean surface pressure and PBL height were low and diurnal variation of surface pressure and daily maximum surface temperature were high. When the high dates occurred, the west and south wind blew on the ground and the west wind blew strongly on the 850 hPa. So it seemed that long range transboundary air pollutants made effects on the high concentration dates. The cluster analysis using Hysplit model which is the backward trajectory was made on the high concentration dates. As a result, 3 clusters were extracted and on the short range transboundary cluster the daily mean relative humidity and cloudness were high and PBL height was low.
;Meteorological variable;Backward trajactory;
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부산 구덕산의 미세먼지(PM10) 농도 특성과 기상학적 관련성,전병일;

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강원도 춘천에서 측정한 PM2.5의 탄소 및 이온성분 농도 특성 및 고농도 사례 분석,조성환;김평래;한영지;김현웅;이승묵;

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