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Effect of Benzene, Acetone, and Methyl Mercaptan Vapor on Photocatalytic Decomposition of Toluene Vapor
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Benzene, Acetone, and Methyl Mercaptan Vapor on Photocatalytic Decomposition of Toluene Vapor
Kam, Sang-Kyu; Jeon, Jin-Woo; Lee, Min-Gyu;
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In this study, the photocatalytic decomposition characteristics of single toluene, toluene mixed with benzene, toluene mixed with acetone, and toluene mixed methyl mercaptan (MM) by UV reactor installed with -coated perforated plate were studied. The photocatalytic decomposition rate of single toluene, toluene mixed with benzene, toluene mixed with acetone, and toluene mixed with MM fitted well on Langmuir-Hinshelwood (L-H) kinetics equation. The maximum elimination capacity was obtained to be for single toluene, for toluene mixed with benzene, for toluene mixed with acetone, and for toluene mixed with MM, respectively. The negative effect in photocatalytic decomposition of toluene are found to be in the order of acetone>benzene>MM.
Photocatalytic decomposition;Acetone;Benzene;Toluene;Methyl mercaptan;
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