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Analysis of Breakthrough Curves and Mass Transfer Resistance for Phenol Adsorption in a Fixed-bed Process Packed with Activated Carbon
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Breakthrough Curves and Mass Transfer Resistance for Phenol Adsorption in a Fixed-bed Process Packed with Activated Carbon
You, Hae-Na; Kam, Sang-Kyu; Lee, Min-Gyu;
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Adsorption of phenol on activated carbon in a fixed bed was studied. The effects of fixed-bed length, superficial velocity (flow rate) and particle size of adsorbent on fixed-bed performance were investigated. Some characteristic parameters such as the breakthrough time (), saturation time (), length of mass transfer zone (), adsorptive capacity (W), and adsorption rate constant () were derived from the breakthrough curves. Adsorbent particle sizes significantly affected the shape of the breakthrough curve. Larger particle sizes resulted in an earlier breakthrough, a longer and a lower adsorption rate. Superficial velocity was a critical factor for the external mass transfer during fixed-bed adsorption process. The external mass transfer resistance was dominant as increasing superficial velocity.
Activated carbon;Adsorption;Breakthrough curve;Fixed-bed;Mass transfer resistance;Phenol;
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활성탄 입자 크기가 카페인 흡착에 미치는 영향,김태양;도시현;홍성호;

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