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Numerical Study on the Characteristics of High PM2.5 Episodes in Anmyeondo Area in 2009
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Study on the Characteristics of High PM2.5 Episodes in Anmyeondo Area in 2009
Jeon, Won-Bae; Lee, Hwa Woon; Lee, Soon-Hwan; Park, Jae-Hyeong; Kim, Hyun-Goo;
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This paper investigates the characteristics of high episodes occurred at Anmyeondo area in spring time, 2009. The monthly mean concentration during April was the highest in the year and especially, high levels of exceeding standard regulation level were sustained consecutively during 5 to 13 April. To analyze more detailed characteristics, numerical simulations were carried out using CMAQ(Community Multi-scale Air Quality) with IPR(Integrated Process Rate) and DDM-3D(Decoupled Direct Method). level was lower in daytime than that in nighttime due to vigorous vertical mixing during daytime. The chemical composition was showed that ratio of primary ion components such as sulfate(), nitrate() and ammonium() were nearly half of total amount of . Aerosol and transport process dominantly contributed to concentration in Anmyeondo area and contribution rate of local emissions was nearly zero since Anmyeondo area has rare anthropogenic PM emission sources. DDM-3D analysis result showed that in Anmyeondo area was influenced by emissions from Shanghai and Shandong region of China.
;CMAQ;DDM;Coastal region;
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WRF-Chem 모형을 이용한 한반도 대기질 모의: 화학 초기 및 측면 경계 조건의 영향,이재형;장임석;이상현;

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