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A Case Study on Sea Breeze Circulation and Ozone Concentration due to the Effect of Cold Water in the Southeastern Coastal Area of Korea
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 Title & Authors
A Case Study on Sea Breeze Circulation and Ozone Concentration due to the Effect of Cold Water in the Southeastern Coastal Area of Korea
Ji, Hyo Eun; Lee, Soon-Hwan; Park, Changhyoun; Lee, Hwa Woon;
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This work investigates the relationship between the sea breeze circulation and ozone concentrations during cold water events in the southeastern coastal area of the Korean Peninsula, where coastal upwelling frequently occur. This analysis was performed based on the classification of two categories, such as cold water and non-cold water events, over the period of 2000-2009. The low air temperature (), low SST () and the wind direction(southerly) are the features of the cold water events in the Southeastern coastal area. Moreover, ozone concentrations in the cases of the sea breeze circulation and cold water events were significantly lower (below 30 ppb) than those (70~100 ppb) in the non-clod water events, because of the low air temperature () and high wind speed (3~5 m/s) around the southeastern coastal area.
Cold water;Sea-land breeze;Ozone;Southeastern coast;
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