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The Electrophysiology Application on Guard Cells to See the Influence of Carbon Dioxide
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 Title & Authors
The Electrophysiology Application on Guard Cells to See the Influence of Carbon Dioxide
Lee, Joon-Sang;
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The effect of on the opening of stomata in the intact leaf of Commelina communis has been investigated. Full opening of stomatal apertures(around ) was achieved in the intact leaf by addition of (). At 90 minutes, the stomatal apertures of leaves treated with free air were reduced. In contrast, stomata opened most widely with the treatment of air at 90 minutes. The effects of light, air and free air on the change of membrane potential difference(PD) were measured. Fast hyperpolarization of guard cell membrane PD was recorded reaching up to -12 mV in response to light. If free air was given firstly, there was no response. When light was given after free air, the light effect was very clear. At the onset of air, the PD showed a dramatic hyperpolarization to about -25 mV. Changes in the pH of apoplast in intact leaves in response to air were observed. air caused a change of 0.4 pH unit. Therefore, it can be hypothesized that flowing could stimulate proton efflux which is a necessary precursor of stomatal opening.
;Commelina communis;Stomatal aperture;Membrane potential difference;
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