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Characteristics of Ozone Concentration Weekend Effect in Busan Area
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Ozone Concentration Weekend Effect in Busan Area
Jeon, Byung-Il;
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This study analyzes the characteristics of ozone weekend effect(OWE) in Busan. concentration on Sunday was over 10% higher than that on weekdays in all areas except for Kwangbokdong, Taejongdae, and Joadong. Such a difference was higher in the industrial area than in the residential area. generation was facilitated by the decrease in emission on Sunday in VOC-limited regime where the VOC/ ratio is low. Low NO concentration in the Sunday morning decreased inhibition of . NO- crossover time on Sunday was shorter than that on weekdays which in turn extended the accumulated duration of . Future studies can include whether the entire Busan is VOCS-limited or the coastal area is VOCS-limited while the inland area is -limited.
Ozone weekend effect(OWE); concentration;VOC-limited regime;
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