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Response of Soil CO2 Fluxes to Seasonal Variations in a Grassplot
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 Title & Authors
Response of Soil CO2 Fluxes to Seasonal Variations in a Grassplot
Kim, Park Sa; Kwon, Byung Hyuk; Kang, Dong Hwan;
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In this study, the variations of the carbon dioxide fluxes were investigated with soil temperatures in the grassplot and seasonal variations of carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes were analysed. Soil temperatures, carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes were measured on the grassplot in Pukyong National University. Field measurements were carried out 25 times from March in 2010 to March in 2011 with nine points on the grassplot. Seasonal variations of carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes showed an inverse relation. In summer, carbon dioxide concentrations are lower and carbon dioxide fluxes are higher. In winter, carbon dioxide concentrations are higher and carbon dioxide fluxes are lower. On the grassplot, carbon dioxide emission rate increase when the soil temperature is more than and the emission rate decrease when the soil temperatures are less than . When the accumulated rainfall for five days before measurement day is 20~100 mm, it is showed that the more rainfall, the more carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide emission rate from the grassplot to the upper atmosphere was increased or decreased by the factors such as soil temperature, growth and wither of grass and rainfall. The results of this study showed that the emission of carbon dioxide in the grassplot is dominantly controlled by seasonal factors (especially soil temperature and rainfall).
Grassplot;Carbon dioxide;Flux;Concentration;Soil temperature;Rainfall;
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