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Estimation of Atmospheric Turbulent Fluxes by the Bulk Transfer Method over Various Surface
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Estimation of Atmospheric Turbulent Fluxes by the Bulk Transfer Method over Various Surface
Kim, Min-Seong; Kwon, Byung-Hyuk; Kang, Dong-Hwan;
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The momentum flux and the sensible heat flux were measured with the scintillometers and ultrasonic anemometers at 6 sites of which surface characteristics like roughness length and zero-displacement are different each other. We estimated the momentum flux and the sensible heat flux based on the bulk transfer method with the drag coefficient and the heat transfer coefficient calculated from the temperature and wind speed at two heights. The variation of bulk transfer coefficients showed a remarkable difference depending on the atmospheric stability which is less influenced by the zero-displacement than the roughness length. The estimated sensible heat fluxes were in good agreement with those measured at 3 m, showing 23.7 of the root mean square error that is less than 10% of its maximum. Since the estimated momentum flux is not only effected by drag coefficient but also by wind speed square, the determination of wind speed in the bulk transfer method is critical.
Drag coefficient;Heat transfer coefficient;Bulk transfer method;Turbulent fluxes;Scintillometers;
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윈드프로파일러 자료를 이용한 연안 지역 국지 바람장 모의,김민성;김광호;김박사;강동환;권병혁;

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