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Fundamental Study of the Regeneration of Layered Double Hydroxide Saturated with Phosphate
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 Title & Authors
Fundamental Study of the Regeneration of Layered Double Hydroxide Saturated with Phosphate
Choi, Jeong-Hak; Jung, Yong-Jun;
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LDHs(layered double hydroxides) are of use adsorbent to remove heavy metals, micro-organic pollutants as well as high concentration of phosphorus from wastewater to low concentration of surface water without pH adjustments. This study examined the generation condition of LDHs saturated with phosphorus. Less than 20% regeneration rate was obtained in the absence of alkali and regeneration solution. After the desorption of LDHs with several conditions of acid and alkali solution, more than 60% of regeneration rate could be expected in the case of using as regeneration solution.
Alkali desorption;Desorption;LDH;Regeneration;
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수용액내에서 Mg/Al-NO3 및 Ca/Al-NO3 층상이중수산화물(LDHs)의 염소이온 고정화 특성에 관한 실험적 연구,이승엽;양현민;이한승;

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