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Comparative Analysis of Anion Concentration by the Type of Roadside Buffer Green
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 Title & Authors
Comparative Analysis of Anion Concentration by the Type of Roadside Buffer Green
Yoon, Yong-Han; Joo, Chang-Hun; Park, Hun; Kim, Jeong-Ho;
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This study were performed on roadside buffer green in Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul in order to analyze the anion concentration according to the type of composition of roadside buffer green. Buffer green separating the physical structure of the measurement points and measurement locations were separated by roadside, green interior, the other side of the road. planting density and deposit of trees per each buffer green was measured in the order of mounding type> slope type> the plain type. If the measured temperature of the location-specific weather elements roadside> inside> the other side of the road in order of measurement and the temperature is lowered farther away from the road. If the relative humidity of the road on the other side> inside> the roadside in order to measure and this is the opposite of the temperature tendency. According to physical structure reduction of the temperature on the other side of the road and roadside in order of mounding type> the plain type> slope type was measured. As a result of measuring a anion therefore concentration of the anion inside of melt is in order of mounding type> the plain type> slope type, tended to match the melt characteristics. According to measured positions anion concentration is in the order of the other side of the road> inside> the roadside was measured. As a result of correlation analysis, in the case of measurement location-specific weather and anions the temperature is positive correlation, relative humidity is negative correlation and that's results of previous studies were supported.
Temperature;Planting density;Correlation;Physical structure;
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