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Removal of Sr and Cs ions by SAN-Zeolite Beads Prepared by Immobilization of Zeolite with SAN
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Removal of Sr and Cs ions by SAN-Zeolite Beads Prepared by Immobilization of Zeolite with SAN
Lee, Chang-Han; Kam, Sang-Kyu; Lee, Min-Gyu;
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The removal of Sr ion and Cs ion was investigated to evaluate adsorption properties by using SAN-Zeolite beads immobilized with styrene acrylonitrile (SAN). The adsorption capacities increased with the decrease of SAN/zeolite ratio (SAR) from 2.5 to 0.83. The relationship of adsorption capacity () and SAR was described by experimental equation such as (). The adsorption kinetics of Sr ion and Cs ion with SAN-Zeolite beads were fitted well by the pseudo-second-order model. The maximum adsorption capacities of Sr ion and Cs ion calculated from Langmuir isotherm model were 66.97 mg/g and 81.97 mg/g, respectively.
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울산산업공단에서 배출되는 coal fly ash로 합성한 제올라이트를 폴리슬폰으로 고정화하여 제조한 PS-FZ 비드의 Sr 및 Cu 제거 특성,감상규;이창한;정갑섭;이민규;

Journal of Environmental Science International, 2016. vol.25. 12, pp.1623-1632 crossref(new window)
비산재로부터 합성한 제올라이트를 polyacrylonitrile로 고정화한 PAN/FZ 비드의 제조 및 Sr 및 Cu 이온 제거특성,감상규;이창한;정갑섭;이민규;

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