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An Analysis of Long-Term Variation of PM10 Levels and Local Meteorology in Relation to Their Concentration Changes in Jeju
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 Title & Authors
An Analysis of Long-Term Variation of PM10 Levels and Local Meteorology in Relation to Their Concentration Changes in Jeju
Park, Yeon-Hee; Song, Sang-Keun; Lee, Soo-Jeong; Kim, Suk-Woo; Han, Seung-Bum;
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Long-term variations of and the characteristics of local meteorology related to its concentration changes were analyzed at 4 air quality sites (Ido-dong, Yeon-dong, Donghong-dong, and Gosan) in Jeju during two different periods, such as PI (2001-2006) and PII (2007-2013), over a 13-year period. Overall, the long-term trend of was very slightly downward during the whole study period, while the high concentrations in PII were observed more frequently than those in PI. The concentration variations of during the study period was clarified in correlation between and meteorological variables, e.g. the low (high) concentration with large (small) precipitation or high (low) radiation and in part high concentrations (especially, Donghong-dong and Gosan) with strong wind speed and the westerly/northwesterly winds. This was likely to be caused by the transport effect (from the polluted regions of China) rather than the contribution of local emission sources. The concentrations in "Asian dust" and "Haze" weather types were higher, whereas those in "Precipitation", "Fog", and "Thunder and Lighting" weather types were lower. The contribution of long-range transport to the observed levels in the urban center (Ido-dong, Yeon-dong, and Donghong-dong), if estimated by comparison to the data of the background site (Gosan), was found to explain about 80% (on average) of its input.
Long-term variation;;Transport;Wind speed and direction;Jeju;
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