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Characteristics of Metallic and Ionic Elements Concentration in PM10 at Guducsan in Busan
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Metallic and Ionic Elements Concentration in PM10 at Guducsan in Busan
Jeon, Byung-Il;
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This study investigates the characteristics of metallic and ionic elements concentration, concentration according to transport path, and factor analysis in at Guducsan in Busan in the springtime of 2015. concentration in Guducsan and Gwaebeopdong were and , respectively. Contribution rate of water-soluble ions and secondary ion in concentration in Guducsan were 37.0% and 27.8% respectively. [] ratio and contribution rate of sea salt of in Guducsan and Gwaebeopdong were 0.91 and 1.12, 7.0% and 5.3%, respectively. The results of the backward trajectory analysis indicates that concentration, total inorganic water-soluble ions and total secondary ions were high when the air parcels moved from Sandong region in China than non-Sandong and northen China to Busan area. The results of the factor analysis at Guducsan indicates that factor 1 was anthropogenic source effects such as automobile emissions and industrial combustion processes, factor 2 was marine sources such as sea salts from sea, and factor 3 was soil component sources.
concentration;Metallic and ionic elements concentration;Backward trajectory analysis;Factor analysis;
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