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Selection of Optimum Ratio of 3 Components (Ir-Sn-Sb) Electrode using Design of Mixture Experiments
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 Title & Authors
Selection of Optimum Ratio of 3 Components (Ir-Sn-Sb) Electrode using Design of Mixture Experiments
Park, Young-Seek;
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For electrolysis process using an insoluble electrode, electrochemical performance was greatly affected by the manufacturing method and procedure, such as the firing temperature, pre-treatment, type of precursor solution, coating method, electrode material, etc. Components of the electrode therein is one of the most important factors in electrochemical reaction. To achieve such characteristics, a appropriate ratio of the electrode material should be carefully chosen. The aim of this research was to apply experimental design method in the optimization of electrode component for the maximum generation of oxidants in electrochemical oxidation process. Mixture design, especially expanded simplex lattice design, in DOME (design of mixture experiments) with Design Expert - commercial software - was used to analyze the data. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed a high coefficient of determination () value of 0.9470, thus ensuring a satisfactory adjustment of the order special cubic regression model with the experimental data. The application of response surface methodology (RSM) yielded the following regression equation, which is an empirical relationship between the TRO generation concentration and independent variables(mol ratio of 3 electrode components) in a real unit: TRO generation concentration . The optimized formulation of the 3 component electrode for an high TRO (total residual oxidants) generation was acquired at mol ratio of Ir 0.406, Sn 0.210, Sb 0.384 (desirability d value, 1).
Analysis of variance (ANOVA);DOME (design of mixture experiments);Electrode;Simplex screening design;Total residual oxidants (TRO);
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