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Bolted joints for single-layer structures: numerical analysis of the bending behaviour
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 Title & Authors
Bolted joints for single-layer structures: numerical analysis of the bending behaviour
Lopez-Arancibia, A.; Altuna-Zugasti, A.M.; Aldasoro, H. Aizpurua; Pradera-Mallabiabarrena, A.;
This paper deals with a new designed joint system for single-layer spatial structures. As the stability of these structures is greatly influenced by the joint behaviour, the aim of this paper is the characterization of the joint response in bending through Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis using ABAQUS. The behaviour of the joints studied here was influenced by many geometrical factors, such as bolts and plate sizes, distance between bolts and end-plate thickness. The study comprised five models of joints with different values of those parameters. The numerical results were compared to the results of previous experimental tests and the agreement was good enough. The differences between the numerical and experimental initial stiffness are attributed to the simplifications introduced when modelling the bolt threads as well as the presence of residual stresses in the test specimens.
joint-rigidity;single-layer structures;finite element method;nonlinear analysis;bolt connection;ABAQUS;
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