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Brief and accurate analytical approximations to nonlinear static response of curled cantilever micro beams
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 Title & Authors
Brief and accurate analytical approximations to nonlinear static response of curled cantilever micro beams
Sun, Youhong; Yu, Yongping; Liu, Baochang;
In this paper, the nonlinear static response of curled cantilever beam actuators subjected to the one-sided electrostatic field is focused on. By assuming the deflection function of electrostatically actuated beam, analytical approximate solutions are established via using Galerkin method to solve the equilibrium equation. The Pull-In voltages which determine the stability of the curled beam actuators are also obtained. These approximate solutions show excellent agreements with numerical solutions obtained by the shooting method and the experimental data for a wide range of beam length. Expressions of these analytical approximate solutions are brief and could easily be used to derive the effects of various physical parameters on MEMS structures.
MEMS;Galerkin method;large deformation;analytical approximation;
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