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Intermediate crack-induced debonding analysis for RC beams strengthened with FRP plates
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 Title & Authors
Intermediate crack-induced debonding analysis for RC beams strengthened with FRP plates
Wantanasiri, Peelak; Lenwari, Akhrawat;
This paper presents the analysis of intermediate crack-induced (IC) debonding failure loads for reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened with adhesively-bonded fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) plates or sheets. The analysis consists of the energy release and simple ACI methods. In the energy release method, a fracture criterion is employed to predict the debonding loads. The interfacial fracture energy that indicates the resistance to debonding is related to the bond-slip relationships obtained from the shear test of FRP-to-concrete bonded joints. The section analysis that considers the effect of concrete`s tension stiffening is employed to develop the moment-curvature relationships of the FRP-strengthened sections. In the ACI method, the onset of debonding is assumed when the FRP strain reaches the debonding strain limit. The tension stiffening effect is neglected in developing a moment-curvature relationship. For a comparison purpose, both methods are used to numerically investigate the effects of relevant parameters on the IC debonding failure loads. The results show that the debonding failure load generally increases as the concrete compressive strength, FRP reinforcement ratio, FRP elastic modulus and steel reinforcement ratio increase.
fiber-reinforced polymers;strengthening;reinforced concrete beams;intermediate crack-induced debonding;bond-slip relationships;fracture mechanics;
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