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Design of boundary combined footings of trapezoidal form using a new model
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 Title & Authors
Design of boundary combined footings of trapezoidal form using a new model
Rojas, Arnulfo Luevanos;
This paper presents the design of reinforced concrete combined footings of trapezoidal form subjected to axial load and moments in two directions to each column using a new model to consider soil real pressure acting on the contact surface of the footing; such pressure is presented in terms of an axial load, moment around the axis "X" and moment around the axis "Y" to each column. The classical model considers an axial load and moment around the axis "X" (transverse axis) applied to each column, and when the moments in two directions are taken into account, the maximum pressure throughout the contact surface of the footing is considered the same. The main part of this research is that the proposed model considers soil real pressure and the classical model takes into account the maximum pressure, and also is considered uniform. We conclude that the proposed model is more suited to the real conditions and is more economical.
footings design;trapezoidal combined footings;moments;bending shear;punching shear;
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