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Stochastic elastic wave analysis of angled beams
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 Title & Authors
Stochastic elastic wave analysis of angled beams
Bai, Changqing; Ma, Hualin; Shim, Victor P.W.;
The stochastic finite element method is employed to obtain a stochastic dynamic model of angled beams subjected to impact loads when uncertain material properties are described by random fields. Using the perturbation technique in conjunction with a precise time integration method, a random analysis approach is developed for efficient analysis of random elastic waves. Formulas for the mean, variance and covariance of displacement, strain and stress are introduced. Statistics of displacement and stress waves is analyzed and effects of bend angle and material stochasticity on wave propagation are studied. It is found that the elastic wave correlation in the angled section is the most significant. The mean, variance and covariance of the stress wave amplitude decrease with an increase in bend angle. The standard deviation of the beam material density plays an important role in longitudinal displacement wave covariance.
elastic wave;stochastic finite element;angled beam;impact;random parameter;uncertainty;
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