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Comparative study on cracked beam with different types of cracks carrying moving mass
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 Title & Authors
Comparative study on cracked beam with different types of cracks carrying moving mass
Jena, Shakti P.; Parhi, Dayal R.; Mishra, Devasis;
An analytical-computational method along with finite element analysis (FEA) has been employed to analyse the dynamic behaviour of deteriorated structures excited by time- varying mass. The present analysis is focused on the comparative study of a double cracked beam with inclined edge cracks and transverse open cracks subjected to traversing mass. The assumed computational method applied is the fourth order Runge-Kutta method. The analysis of the structure has been carried out at constant transit mass and speed. The response of the structure is determined at different crack depth and crack inclination angles. The influence of the parameters like crack depth and crack inclination angles are investigated on the dynamic behaviour of the structure. The results obtained from the assumed computational method are compared with those of the FEA for validation and found good agreements with FEA.
cracked beam;inclined edge crack;crack inclination angles;crack depth;
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