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Parametric modeling and shape optimization of four typical Schwedler spherical reticulated shells
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 Title & Authors
Parametric modeling and shape optimization of four typical Schwedler spherical reticulated shells
Wu, J.; Lu, X.Y.; Li, S.C.; Xu, Z.H.; Li, L.P.; Zhang, D.L.; Xue, Y.G.;
Spherical reticulated shells are widely applied in structural engineering due to their good bearing capability and attractive appearance. Parametric modeling of spherical reticulated shells is the basis of internal analysis and optimization design. In the present study, generation methods of nodes and the corresponding connection methods of rod elements are proposed. Modeling programs are compiled by adopting the ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL). A shape optimization method based on the two-stage algorithm is presented, and the corresponding optimization program is compiled in FORTRAN environment. Shape optimization is carried out based on the objective function of the minimum total steel consumption and the restriction condition of strength, stiffness, slenderness ratio, stability. The shape optimization of four typical Schwedler spherical reticulated shells is calculated with the span of 30 m~80 m and rise to span ratio of 1/7~1/2. Compared with the shape optimization results, the variation rules of total steel consumption along with the span and rise to span ratio are discussed. The results show that: (1) The left and right rod-Schwedler spherical reticulated shell is the most optimized and should be preferentially adopted in structural engineering. (2) The left diagonal rod-Schwedler spherical reticulated shell is second only to left and right rod regarding the mechanical behavior and optimized results. It can be applied to medium and small-span structures. (3) Double slash rod-Schwedler spherical reticulated shell is advantageous in mechanical behavior but with the largest total weight. Thus, this type can be used in large-span structures as far as possible. (4) The mechanical performance of no latitudinal rod-Schwedler spherical reticulated shell is the worst and with the second largest weight. Thus, this spherical reticulated shell should not be adopted generally in engineering.
schwedler spherical reticulated shell;APDL;parametric modeling;shape optimization;
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