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Shear behavior of multi-hole perfobond connectors in steel-concrete structure
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 Title & Authors
Shear behavior of multi-hole perfobond connectors in steel-concrete structure
Xing, Wei; Lin, Xiao; Shiling, Pei;
This study focuses on the load carrying capacity and the force transfer mechanism of multi-hole perfobond shear connectors in steel-concrete composite structure. The behavior of multi-hole perfobond shear connector is more complicated than single-hole connector cases. 2 groups push-out tests were conducted. Based on the test results, behavior of the connection was analyzed and the failure mechanism was identified. Simplified iterative method and analytic solution were proposed based on force equilibrium for analyzing multi-hole perfobond shear connector performance. Finally, the sensitivity of design parameters of multi-hole perfobond shear connector was investigated. The results of this research showed that shear force distribution curve of multi-hole perfobond shear connector is near catenary. Shear forces distribution were determined by stiffness ratio of steel to concrete member, stiffness ratio of shear connector to steel member, and number of row. Efficiency coefficient was proposed to should be taking into account in different limit state.
steel-concrete composite structure;perfobond shear connectors;push-out tests;mechanical behavior;simplified calculation;
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