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Vibration of axially moving 3-phase CNTFPC plate resting on orthotropic foundation
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 Title & Authors
Vibration of axially moving 3-phase CNTFPC plate resting on orthotropic foundation
Arani, Ali Ghorbanpour; Haghparast, Elham; Zarei, Hassan Baba Akbar;
In the present study, modelling and vibration control of axially moving laminated Carbon nanotubes/fiber/polymer composite (CNTFPC) plate under initial tension are investigated. Orthotropic visco-Pasternak foundation is developed to consider the influences of orthotropy angle, damping coefficient, normal and shear modulus. The governing equations of the laminated CNTFPC plates are derived based on new form of first-order shear deformation plate theory (FSDT) which is simpler than the conventional one due to reducing the number of unknowns and governing equations, and significantly, it does not require a shear correction factor. Halpin-Tsai model is utilized to evaluate the material properties of two-phase composite consist of uniformly distributed and randomly oriented CNTs through the epoxy resin matrix. Afterwards, the structural properties of CNT reinforced polymer matrix which is assumed as a new matrix and then reinforced with E-Glass fiber are calculated by fiber micromechanics approach. Employing Hamilton`s principle, the equations of motion are obtained and solved by Hybrid analytical numerical method. Results indicate that the critical speed of moving laminated CNTFPC plate can be improved by adding appropriate values of CNTs. These findings can be used in design and manufacturing of marine vessels and aircrafts.
vibration/vibration control;plate/shell structures;laminates;composites;fiber reinforced;
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