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Design of double dynamic vibration absorbers for reduction of two DOF vibration system
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 Title & Authors
Design of double dynamic vibration absorbers for reduction of two DOF vibration system
Son, Lovely; Bur, Mulyadi; Rusli, Meifal; Adriyan, Adriyan;
This research is aimed to design and analyze the performance of double dynamic vibration absorber (DVA) using a pendulum and a spring-mass type absorber for reducing vibration of two-DOF vibration system. The conventional fixed-points method and genetics algorithm (GA) optimization procedure are utilized in designing the optimal parameter of DVA. The frequency and damping ratio are optimized to determine the optimal absorber parameters. The simulation results show that GA optimization procedure is more effective in designing the double DVA in comparison to the fixed-points method. The experimental study is conducted to verify the numerical result.
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