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Wave propagation in a two-temperature fiber-reinforced magneto-thermoelastic medium with three-phase-lag model
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 Title & Authors
Wave propagation in a two-temperature fiber-reinforced magneto-thermoelastic medium with three-phase-lag model
Said, Samia M.; Othman, Mohamed I.A.;
A general model of equations of the two-temperature theory of generalized thermoelasticity is applied to study the wave propagation in a fiber-reinforced magneto-thermoelastic medium in the context of the three-phase-lag model and Green-Naghdi theory without energy dissipation. The material is a homogeneous isotropic elastic half-space. The exact expression of the displacement components, force stresses, thermodynamic temperature and conductive temperature is obtained by using normal mode analysis. The variations of the considered variables with the horizontal distance are illustrated graphically. Comparisons are made with the results of the two theories in the absence and presence of a magnetic field as well as a two-temperature parameter. A comparison is also made between the results of the two theories in the absence and presence of reinforcement.
fiber-reinforced;Green-Naghdi theory;three-phase-lag model;magnetic field;
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