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A mesh-free analysis method of structural elements of engineering structures based on B-spline wavelet basis function
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 Title & Authors
A mesh-free analysis method of structural elements of engineering structures based on B-spline wavelet basis function
Chen, Jianping; Tang, Wenyong; Huang, Pengju; Xu, Li;
The paper is devoted to study a mesh-free analysis method of structural elements of engineering structures based on B-spline Wavelet Basis Function. First, by employing the moving-least square method and the weighted residual method to solve the structural displacement field, the control equations and the stiffness equations are obtained. And then constructs the displacement field of the structure by using the m-order B-spline wavelet basis function as a weight function. In the end, the paper selects the plane beam structure and the structure with opening hole to carry out numerical analysis of deformation and stress. The Finite Element Method calculation results are compared with the results of the method proposed, and the calculation results of the relative error norm is compared with Gauss weight function as weight function. Therefore, the clarification verified the validity and accuracy of the proposed method.
structural analysis;moving-least square method;meshless local MLPG method;B-Spline wavelet weight function;
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