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The finite element model research of the pre-twisted thin-walled beam
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 Title & Authors
The finite element model research of the pre-twisted thin-walled beam
Chen, Chang Hong; Zhu, Yan Fei; Yao, Yao; Huang, Ying;
Based on the traditional mechanical model of thin-walled straight beam, the paper makes analysis and research on the pre-twisted thin-walled beam finite element numerical model. Firstly, based on the geometric deformation differential relationship, the Saint-Venant warping strain of pre-twisted thin-walled beam is deduced. According to the traditional thin-walled straight beam finite element mechanical model, the finite element stiffness matrix considering the Saint-Venant warping deformations is established. At the same time, the paper establishes the element stiffness matrix of the pre-twisted thin-walled beam based on the classic Vlasov Theory. Finally, by calculating the pre-twisted beam with elliptical section and I cross section and contrasting three-dimensional solid finite element using ANSYS, the comparison analysis results show that pre-twisted thin-walled beam element stiffness matrix has good accuracy.
pre-twisted;thin-walled;coupling;warping;finite element model;
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