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Buckling and vibration behavior of a non-uniformly heated isotropic cylindrical panel
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 Title & Authors
Buckling and vibration behavior of a non-uniformly heated isotropic cylindrical panel
Bhagata, Vinod S.; Pitchaimani, Jeyaraj; Murigendrappa, S.M.;
This study attempts to address the buckling and free vibration characteristics of an isotropic cylindrical panel subjected to non-uniform temperature rise using numerical approach. Finite element analysis has been used in the present study. The approach involves three parts, in the first part non-uniform temperature field is obtained using heat transfer analysis, in the second part, the stress field is computed under the thermal load using static condition and, the last part, the buckling and pre-stressed modal analysis are carried out to compute critical buckling temperature as well as natural frequencies and associated mode shapes. In the present study, the effect of non-uniform temperature field, heat sink temperatures and in-plane boundary constraints are considered. The relation between buckling temperature under uniform and non-uniform temperature fields has been established. Results revealed that decrease (Case (ii)) type temperature variation field influences the fundamental buckling mode shape significantly. Further, it is observed that natural frequencies under free vibration state, decreases as temperature increases. However, the reduction is significantly higher for the lowest natural frequency. It is also found that, with an increase in temperature, nodal and anti-nodal positions of free vibration mode shapes is shifting towards the location where the intensity of the heat source is high and structural stiffness is low.
cylindrical panel;buckling strength;free vibration frequencies;free vibration mode shapes;finite element method;
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