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Examination of non-homogeneity and lamination scheme effects on deflections and stresses of laminated composite plates
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 Title & Authors
Examination of non-homogeneity and lamination scheme effects on deflections and stresses of laminated composite plates
Zerin, Zihni; Turan, Ferruh; Basoglu, Muhammed Fatih;
In this study, a convenient formulation for the bending of laminated composite plates that hold non-homogeneous properties is examined. The constitutive equations of first order shear deformation plate theory are obtained using Hamilton Principle. The effect of non-homogeneity, lamination schemes and aspect ratio on the deflections and stresses is analysed. It is understood from the study that economical and optimum designs for laminated composite plates can be achieved by changing lamination scheme and by considering non-homogeneity response of composite plate.
First Order Shear Deformation Theory (FSDT);laminated composite plate;non-homogeneous plates;non-homogeneity effect;
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