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Influence of microstructure, heterogeneity and internal friction on SH waves propagation in a viscoelastic layer overlying a couple stress substrate
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 Title & Authors
Influence of microstructure, heterogeneity and internal friction on SH waves propagation in a viscoelastic layer overlying a couple stress substrate
Sharma, Vikas; Kumar, Satish;
In this paper, we have investigated shear horizontal wave propagation in a layered structure, consisting of granular macromorphic rock (Dionysos Marble) substrate underlying a viscoelastic layer of finite thickness. SH waves characteristics are affected by the material properties of both substrate and the coating. The effects of microstructural parameter "characteristic length" of the substrate, along with heterogeneity, internal friction and thickness of viscoelastic layer are studied on the dispersion curves. Dispersion equation for SH wave is derived. Real and damping phase velocities of SH waves are studied against dimensionless wave number, for different combinations of various parameters involved in the problem.
SH waves;viscoelastic;couple stress;heterogeneity;characteristic length;
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