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Lateral stability analysis of multistory buildings using the differential transform method
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 Title & Authors
Lateral stability analysis of multistory buildings using the differential transform method
Aydin, Suleyman; Bozdogan, Kanat Burak;
The determination of the critical buckling load of multistory structures is important since this load is used in second order analysis. It is more realistic to determine the critical buckling load of multistory structures using the whole system instead of independent elements. In this study, a method is proposed for designating the system critical buckling load of torsion-free structures of which the load-bearing system consists of frames and shear walls. In the method presented, the multistory structure is modeled in accordance with the continuous system calculation model and the differential equation governing the stability case is solved using the differential transform method (DTM). At the end of the study, an example problem is solved to show the conformity of the presented method with the finite elements method (FEM).
stability;differential transform method;continuous system;multistory structure;wall-frame;
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