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Analytical and experimental study on natural sloshing frequencies in annular cylindrical tank with a bottom gap
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 Title & Authors
Analytical and experimental study on natural sloshing frequencies in annular cylindrical tank with a bottom gap
Lee, H.W.; Jeon, S.H.; Cho, J.R.; Seo, M.W.; Jeon, W.B.;
This paper is concerned with the analytical derivation of natural sloshing frequencies of liquid in annular cylindrical tank and its verification by experiment. The whole liquid domain is divided into three simple sub-regions, and the region-wise linearized velocity potentials are derived by the separation of variables. Two sets of matrix equations for solving the natural sloshing frequencies are derived by enforcing the boundary conditions and the continuity conditions at the interfaces between sub-regions. In addition, the natural sloshing frequencies are measured by experiment and the numerical accuracy of the proposed analytical method is verified through the comparison between the analytical and experimental results. It is confirmed that the present analytical method provides the fundamental sloshing frequencies which are in an excellent agreement with the experiment. As well, the effects of the tank radial gap, the bottom flow gap and the liquid fill height on the fundamental sloshing frequency are parametrically investigated.
liquid sloshing;annular cylindrical tank;natural frequency;three flow regions;linearized velocity potential;analytical derivation;experimental verification;
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