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Experimental investigation on a freestanding bridge tower under wind and wave loads
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 Title & Authors
Experimental investigation on a freestanding bridge tower under wind and wave loads
Bai, Xiaodong; Guo, Anxin; Liu, Hao; Chen, Wenli; Liu, Gao; Liu, Tianchen; Chen, Shangyou; Li, Hui;
Long-span cross-strait bridges extending into deep-sea waters are exposed to complex marine environments. During the construction stage, the flexible freestanding bridge towers are more vulnerable to environmental loads imposed by wind and wave loads. This paper presents an experimental investigation on the dynamic responses of a 389-m-high freestanding bridge tower model in a test facility with a wind tunnel and a wave flume. An elastic bridge model with a geometric scale of 1:150 was designed based on Froude similarity and was tested under wind-only, wave-only and wind-wave combined conditions. The dynamic responses obtained from the tests indicate that large deformation under resonant sea states could be a structural challenge. The dominant role of the wind loads and the wave loads change according to the sea states. The joint wind and wave loads have complex effects on the dynamic responses of the structure, depending on the approaching direction angle and the fluid-induced vibration mechanisms of the waves and wind.
freestanding bridge tower;experimental investigation;wind and wave;offshore/coastal structures;
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