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An advanced criterion based on non-AFR for anisotropic sheet metals
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 Title & Authors
An advanced criterion based on non-AFR for anisotropic sheet metals
Moayyedian, Farzad; Kadkhodayan, Mehran;
In the current research an advanced criterion with non-associated flow rule (non-AFR) for depicting the behavior of anisotropic sheet metals is presented to consider the strength differential effects (SDEs) for these materials. Owing to the fact that Lou et al. (2013) yield function is dependent on structure of an anisotropic material (BCC, FCC and HCP), an advanced yield function with inspiring of Yoon et al. (2014) yield function is proposed which is dependent upon anisotropic structures. Furthermore, to compute Lankford coefficients, a new pressure sensitive plastic potential function which would be dependent to anisotropic structure is presented and coupled with the proposed yield function with employing a non-AFR in a novel criterion which is called here `dvanced criterion`. Totally eighteen experimental data are required to calibrate the criterion contained of directional tensile and compressive yield stresses for the yield function and directional Lankford coefficients for the plastic potential function. To verify the criterion, three anisotropic sheet metals with different structures are taken as case studies such as Al 2008-T4 (a BCC material), Al 2090-T3 (a FCC material) and AZ31 (a HCP material).
advanced criterion;asymmetric anisotropic sheet metals;non-AFR;tensile yield stresses;compressive yield stresses;Lankford coefficients;
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