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Static and dynamic stability of cracked multi-storey steel frames
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 Title & Authors
Static and dynamic stability of cracked multi-storey steel frames
Sabuncu, Mustafa; Ozturk, Hasan; Yashar, Ahmed;
Multi-storey frame structures are frequently exposed to static and dynamic forces. Therefore analyses of static (buckling) and dynamic stability come into prominence for these structures. In this study, the effects of number of storey, static and dynamic load parameters, crack depth and crack location on the in-plane static and dynamic stability of cracked multi-storey frame structures subjected to periodic loading have been investigated numerically by using the Finite Element Method. A crack element based on the Euler beam theory is developed by using the principles of fracture mechanics. The equation of motion for the cracked multi-storey frame subjected to periodic loading is achieved by Lagrange`s equation. The results obtained from the stability analysis are presented in three dimensional graphs and tables.
dynamic stability;storey frame;crack;buckling;finite element;
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