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Seismic resistance of dry stone arches under in-plane seismic loading
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 Title & Authors
Seismic resistance of dry stone arches under in-plane seismic loading
Balic, Ivan; Zivaljic, Nikolina; Smoljanovic, Hrvoje; Trogrlic, Boris;
The aim of this study is to investigate the seismic resistance of dry stone arches under in-plane seismic loading. For that purpose, several numerical analyses were performed using the combined finite-discrete element method (FDEM). Twelve types of arches with different ratios of a rise at the mid-span to the span, different thicknesses of stone blocks and different numbers of stone blocks in the arch were subjected to an incremental dynamic analysis based on excitation from three real horizontal and vertical ground motions. The minimum value of the failure peak ground acceleration that caused the collapse of the arch was adopted as a measure of the seismic resistance. In this study, the collapse mechanisms of each type of stone arch, as well as the influence of the geometry of stone blocks and stone arches on the seismic resistance of structures were observed. The conclusions obtained on the basis of the performed numerical analyses can be used as guidelines for the design of dry stone arches.
seismic resistance;dry stone arch;seismic loading;stability;combined finite-discrete element method (FDEM);
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