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Dynamic behavior of the one-stage gear system with uncertainties
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic behavior of the one-stage gear system with uncertainties
Beyaoui, M.; Guerine, A.; Walha, L.; Hami, A. El; Fakhfakh, T.; Haddar, M.;
In this paper, we propose a method for taking into account uncertainties based on the projection on polynomial chaos. Due to the manufacturing and assembly errors, uncertainties in material and geometric properties, the system parameters including assembly defect, damping coefficients, bending stiffness and traction-compression stiffness are uncertain. The proposed method is used to determine the dynamic response of a one-stage spur gear system with uncertainty associated to gear system parameters. An analysis of the effect of these parameters on the one stage gear system dynamic behavior is then treated. The simulation results are obtained by the polynomial chaos method for dynamic analysis under uncertainty. The proposed method is an efficient probabilistic tool for uncertainty propagation. The polynomial chaos results are compared with Monte Carlo simulations.
uncertainty;one-stage gear system;polynomial chaos;assembly defect, random variable;Monte Carlo simulation;
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