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Optimum design of laterally-supported castellated beams using tug of war optimization algorithm
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 Title & Authors
Optimum design of laterally-supported castellated beams using tug of war optimization algorithm
Kaveh, A.; Shokohi, F.;
In this paper, the recently developed meta-heuristic algorithm called tug of war optimization is applied to optimal design of castellated beams. Two common types of laterally supported castellated beams are considered as design problems: beams with hexagonal openings and beams with circular openings. Here, castellated beams have been studied for two cases: beams without filled holes and beams with end-filled holes. Also, tug of war optimization algorithm is utilized for obtaining the solution of these design problems. For this purpose, the minimum cost is taken as the objective function, and some benchmark problems are solved from literature.
meta-heuristic algorithm;tug of war optimization;optimal design;hexagonal opening;cellular opening;
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