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Interfacial mechanical behaviors of RC beams strengthened with FRP
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 Title & Authors
Interfacial mechanical behaviors of RC beams strengthened with FRP
Deng, Jiangdong; Liu, Airong; Huang, Peiyan; Zheng, Xiaohong;
FRP-concrete interfacial mechanical properties determine the strengthening effect of RC beams strengthened with FRP. In this paper, the model experiments were carried out with eight specimens to study the failure modes and the strengthening effect of RC beams strengthened with FRP. Then a theoretical model based on interfacial performances was proposed and interfacial mechanical behaviors were studied. Finite element analysis confirmed the theoretical results. The results showed that RC beams strengthened with FRP had three loading stages and that the FRP strengthening effects were mainly exerted in the Stage III after the yielding of steel bars, including the improvement of the bearing capacity, the decreased ultimate deformation due to the sudden failure of FRP and the improvement of stiffness in this stage. The mechanical formulae of the interfacial shear stress and FRP stress were established and the key influence factors included FRP length, interfacial bond-slip parameter, FRP thickness, etc. According to the theoretical analysis and experimental data, the calculation methods of interfacial shear stress at FRP end and FRP strain at midspan were proposed. When FRP bonding length was shorter, interfacial shear stress at FRP end was larger that led to concrete cover peeling failure. When FRP was longer, FRP reached the ultimate strain and the fracture failure of FRP occurred. The theoretical results were well consistent with the experimental data.
interfacial mechanical behaviors;RC beams;FRP;model experiment;theoretical model;finite element analysis;
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