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Influence of a soft FGM interlayer on contact stresses under a beam on an elastic foundation
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 Title & Authors
Influence of a soft FGM interlayer on contact stresses under a beam on an elastic foundation
Aizikovich, Sergey M.; Mitrin, Boris I.; Seleznev, Nikolai M.; Wang, Yun-Che; Volkov, Sergey S.;
Contact interaction of a beam (flexible element) with an elastic half-plane is considered, when a soft inhomogeneous (functionally graded) interlayer is present between them. The beam is bent under the action of a distributed load applied to the surface and a reaction of the elastic interlayer and the half-space. Solution of the contact problem is obtained for different values of thickness and parameters of inhomogeneity of the layer. The interlayer is assumed to be significantly softer than the underlying half-plane; case of 100 times difference in Young`s moduli is considered as an example. The influence of the interlayer thickness and gradient of elastic properties on the distribution of the contact stresses under the beam is studied.
bending of a beam;analytic solution;dual integral equation;functionally graded layer;soft layer;elastic half-plane;
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