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Plane strain bending of a bimetallic sheet at large strains
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 Title & Authors
Plane strain bending of a bimetallic sheet at large strains
Alexandrov, Sergei E.; Kien, Nguyen D.; Manh, Dinh V.; Grechnikov, Fedor V.;
This paper deals with the pure bending of incompressible elastic perfectly plastic two-layer sheets under plane strain conditions at large strains. Each layer is classified by its yield stress, shear modulus of elasticity and its initial percentage thickness in relation to the whole sheet. The solution found is semi-analytic. In particular, a numerical technique is only necessary to solve transcendental equations. The general solution is cumbersome because different analytic expressions for the radial and circumferential stresses should be adopted in different regions of the whole sheet. In particular, there are several alternative ways a plastic region (or plastic regions) can propagate. However, for any given set of material and process parameters the solution to the problem consists of a sequence of rather simple analytic expressions connected by transcendental equations. The general solution is illustrated by a simple example.
plane strain bending;bimetallic sheet;elastic/perfectly plastic material;large strains;analytic solution;
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